The Patton project was by far our most involved and extensive project at the time. This project was a total redesign of the entire house. This home is a brick ranch style single family home built in 1961. It was designed, built, and occupied by the original owners till 2018. The goal for this project was a mid century re-design with focus on functional but open floor plan with a classical finish and a touch of rustic elements. Some of the structural designs to allow this was vaulting the ceilings in the living room and kitchen, opening up the wall between the living room and the kitchen as much as possible, adding 2 port windows in the kitchen and adding 2 sky lights in the kitchen area. This allows a ton of late evening natural light to flood the back half of the home. The two windows in the office in the basement were transformed into a widened egress that allows natural light into the basement. The front and back yard was designed with entertainment and extensive gardening in mind.